Family Counseling & Therapy in St. Paul

Compassionate Family Counseling That Understands and Supports Your Unique Challenges

Many families face challenges that strain relationships, including communication breakdowns, behavioral issues, and life transitions. These challenges can create a feeling of disconnection and misunderstanding within the family unit.

Communication Breakdowns

A common issue where family members find it difficult to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively. Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and a general feeling of being unheard or misunderstood by loved ones.

Behavioral Issues

These can range from children displaying problematic behaviors in school or at home, to adults struggling with substance abuse, anger management, or other behavioral concerns. Such issues can disrupt family life and create a tense environment.

Life Transitions

Major life changes such as divorce, the death of a loved one, moving to a new city, or welcoming a new family member can significantly affect family dynamics. Adjusting to these transitions can be challenging and stressful for all involved.

At MidWest Center for Personal and Family Development, we’re committed to walking this path with you. Let us provide the compassionate care and expert family counseling you deserve, helping you move towards a brighter, healthier future.

Family Counseling Care

While many have tried navigating these challenges alone or with minimal guidance, effective resolution often requires professional support. At MidWest Center for Personal and Family Development, we provide tailored counseling that addresses the root causes of familial issues, promoting understanding, healing, and stronger bonds.

Personalized Counseling Sessions

Directly addressing each family member’s needs and concerns for comprehensive support.

Expert Guidance

Our therapists are experienced in a range of family dynamics and challenges, ensuring expert care.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer various scheduling options to accommodate busy family lives.

online telemedicine care options
midwest center st. paul location

The building is recently updated and the office is calming. Therapy here provides a safe space to explore anything. They can guide you through family ruptures, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief etc. EMDR is offered here. highly recommend.


I’ve only ever had video appointments, so I’ve never been to the brick-and-mortar clinic itself. But, my online experiences with this clinic have been great so far!


Very warm and inviting environment and friendly staff. Less clinical feeling than other counseling clinics I’ve been at. Have switched to virtual (video) meetings which are working well.

How To Begin Your Proactive Path Towards Recovery

Choose a Location

Choose one of our five locations that works best for you! We also provide telemedicine treatment so you can get care from the comfort of your home.

Find Your Therapist

If you’re ready, contact us and we’ll help you direct through the process and if you are ready, will match you up with the appropriate therapist/clinician.

Begin Your Journey

Once you’re matched up with the clinician you want, we’ll get you on the schedule and you can begin your journey towards your best life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the first session?

In your first session, we’ll discuss your family’s needs and goals for counseling, providing a clear path forward.

How long does family counseling typically take?

The duration varies based on your family’s specific situation and goals, but we’ll work together to make progress in every session.

Is family counseling confidential?

Yes, all sessions are confidential, respecting each family member’s privacy and safety.

Do you offer support for children and teenagers?

Absolutely, we provide counseling services tailored to younger family members, addressing their unique needs and perspectives.

Begin a New Chapter with Family Counseling

Our services are tailored for families experiencing internal conflicts, going through significant life changes, or seeking to improve their overall dynamics and relationships.

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